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Solar Pump 4PSS2 - 15

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Innovative Application

4 inch Shielding permanent magnet brushless submersible motors, pump with professional control system.
The control shows the over-voltage, over-current, water shortage, under-voltage pressure level

  • the MPPT maximum power point tracking. And automatic protection. Motor soft start.
  • Suspension centrifugal stainless steel impeller in the pump Low cost, easy installation and maintenance, etc.=
  • Rewind stator coil.
  • Use Food machine oil, safety and environmental protection.
  • Its good lubrication for bearing and Mechanical seal.
  • The corrosion resistance of stainless steel shell.
  • Waterproof cable.
  • Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906.
  • Environment.
  • Maximum water depth is 100 meter.
  • Suitable for water temperature is below 35 .
  • The maximum sediment concentration is 0.25%.
  • For 4 inch well or more big than it.